Isabelle Le Galo-Flores

27-November 18:30h-20:00h

Funding sources for art and music

With 18 years of professional experience, Isabelle Le Galo-Flores has worked in five foundations of different types: corporate, social action and distributive (grant-making). A mathematician by education, she earned a master’s degree in political science from the Paris Institute of Political Studies and completed postgraduate studies in strategy and leadership at the University of Glasgow. She launched her career in the health sector, working to empower patient advocacy organizations. She received the Talento Solidario grant in 2012 to direct an NGO focused on social action.

She is currently the Director for Spain at the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation. The Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation is a family foundation focused on patronage in 2 broad areas:

  • Citizen art, to develop a critical and sensitive view of our contemporary world and to promote social cohesion based on respect for diversity.
  • Sustainable nutrition, to provide all people with access to food that is healthy and respectful of people and ecosystems.

On a day-to-day basis, the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation works to support the emergence, development and replication of innovative initiatives, to build bridges between agents, to gather energy and to foster meetings between worlds that would not mix otherwise. For this purpose, it gives its partners access to financial, human and technical resources as well as its experience in the networks in which it collaborates.