Robin Ryczek

27-November 12:30h-14:00h

Music, social justice and inmigration

Robin Ryczek is a cellist and faculty at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. An advocate for music education and its overall importance within society, she uses her academic and professional training in music from Indiana University and New England Conservatory to better understand and promote musical practice and its placement within communities.

Her connection to music in Afghanistan began in 2010 when Ms. Ryczek joined the Afghanistan National Institute of Music in its formative years. It is this distinctive opportunity that has decidedly strengthened her dedication to the practical teaching at ANIM and active preservation of Afghanistan’s rich music and cultural heritage.

As a 2016 recipient of the John Richards Fellowship from the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies, Ms Ryczek worked with ethnomusicologists and Indiana University to digitise and repatriate music recordings and cultural documents to Afghanistan. This work in collaboration with Nancy Dupree and the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University set to expand a music archive for use by ANIM students and future researchers in Afghanistan.

Throughout travels, she has a developed interest in the role of classical violoncello and relatable bowed instruments, in particular the uses throughout history and across world genres, and within current day professional and creative structures.

Conference and guest speaking includes Harrington School of Communication and Media at University of Rhode Island, USIP Culture in Conflict Summit, SXSW Music Conference, New England Conservatory, and the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. Ms. Ryczek also volunteers for the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women, a US-based scholarship program supporting Afghan women in education.